4.2. Activities

     The VAH is a community ministry which is to serve and help homeless and unfortunate children in the community. For this to occur, the success of this organization relies on its mission and its capacity to meet its objectives like:

4.2.1- Promotion of teamwork, and motivating the young people to be engaged in their communities. It is also to teach, to communicate, to educate, and to encourage the youth group.

4.2.2- Create a strong synergy to the practices and experiences that can make a positive impact in their community.

4.2.3- Create positive sharing experiential places for the young people to meet, to learn, and to recreate.

4.2.4- Collect resources for the action plan.

4.2.5- Identify our specific target which is the unfortunate children and the youth group.

4.2.6- Reinforce the capacity of our members by giving them some training in different aspect like:

a) Bible studies
b) Training in leadership
c) Training in social entrepreneurship
d) Training in the advance of the technology
e) Training on raising money

4.2.7- Create a Center for Arts to teach children how to make jewelry like earring, necklaces etc.