Andre Marc Sary


Q: Tell us about yourself !  What city do you live in ?  Where did you grow up ?  Who are your family members ?  Where did you go to school ?  Where have you worked ?

A: Everyone has a different story in his life. I was born in July 8, 1987 where my story pages occurred. I grew up in the Grand’Anse department especially in Jeremie city. My mom has two children, my older sister and I after that she adopted five more children. My Mom is a teacher, she teaches in kindergarten, she is a dress maker, and now she is learning agriculture. My dad was an Army, and at this moment I don’t know what he is doing because he left my house since I was seven (7) months. In September 1990, I started my first day of class at “Nouvelle De La Mennaie” schools where I spent three years for my kindergarten.  From 1993 to 1999, I did my primary school in Saint Joseph colleges. After my high school, I studied electrical engineering for four years. In 2011, after done with my electrical engineering, I was competed for a two years scholarship in United States offered by USAID. I was selected and studying agriculture and business management at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa. Since 2013 I am back in Haiti, I am working as Urban Ag officer for CARE-HAITI that is a nonprofit Organization.



Q: What year did you start working with Volition and Action for Haiti (VAH) ?How long have you been working with VAH ?  

A: Actually I am one of the VAH co-founder, we moved from idea to action in November 2013. Since 2013 from today I am an active VAH member.



Q: What is your “role” ?  What are you currently doing ?  How have you helped VAH to aid the children in Haiti with Food, Clothing and Education ?

A: I am the general secretary of VAH; my task is to make sure that all the VAH document is in an appropriate position. It is also to draw a report after every meeting in other to keep our record. In 2013 when we started, Ricardo and I took half on our allowance to start helping these vulnerable children by paying their school tuition, buying clothes for them and so one.



Q: What is your vision for VAH ?  Why are you passionate about helping the children of Haiti ?

A: My vision for VAH is to see in the next five years if we can have our own school, help as much vulnerable family as we can. I think the passion and the love for what I am doing with VAH first come from through my family. On my childhood, even though my mom doesn’t have enough money to take care my sister and I, but she adopted five more children. I was mad at her because life was very challenging for us and she keeps welcome other child in the house. At that time there is one thing she told me and I will never forget “If I could buy a bread to feed you, and this same bread I can cut it into 8 parts and feed all of you. This sentence inspired me to live not only for me, but think about those who don’t have any one outside for them. One other thing that inspire me is, during all my education I had scholarship from an NGO denominate “Haitian Help Foundation” (HHF). If I am educated today and have a good job, it is because someone has been helping me. Because someone helped me I can say I reach my goal. I want to do the same to all the vulnerable children and Haiti. Education is the most powerful gift you can give to anyone, and this is what driving me created VAH.



Q: What makes you excited about life ?  Where do you find inspiration?

A: Life is very precious, no one would like to lose their life even they accomplished everything. I want to be the change Haiti is waiting for, because all the Haitians are waiting for the government to do something for them. As a young man, I ask myself what I can do to change my country face. My inspiration come from my experiences, I realize if you are educated you can make the difference.  In 2013, before came back to my home country we all 20 students from seven countries (Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Nicaragua) created a video call SEED OF HOPE and post it on YouTube. My job was to be the seed of hope of Haiti, and be the difference.