Founded on November 14, 2013; Volition and Action for Haiti is a Christian based organization with a strong commitment to be involved in the communities it serves spiritually, economically and socially. Indeed, we started as a group of about five passionate young people who knew there was an unmet need and took the initiative to take a step forward in improving the lives of Haitian children. VAH has two principal goals:

     1. Support unfortunate children in difficulty. We want to assist them to grow spiritually personally, socially and economically.

     2. Help young adults, the youth generation, take a stand and be aware of some specific and very important concepts that are part of their daily lives. We want to teach them about God’s kingdom, personal responsibility, citizenship participation, global and community leadership, volunteer work, entrepreneurship, and also understanding of how they can achieve the full spectrum of the hierarchy of human needs in Haiti which is (physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualization needs).

          From these two goals, we have as a slogan: “One will, one action to help one child in need!”