General context

    The lack of daily basic needs such as a house to sleep at, something to eat, clothing to wear, lack of a recreation center, lack of basic education, mostly importantly the lack of the gospel are some of the problems that most of homeless and unfortunate children are facing in Haiti, especially in Christ-Roi, Fort-dimanche. Due to these basic survival needs not being met and little supervision, encouragement and direction many of the youth have sought less honest and acceptable ways to meet their needs. The youth group has neglected all the good virtues that may reflect positive behaviors in their lives. Because of these critical situations, we, as seven young people with our various backgrounds which includes agronomy, business management, administrative sciences, education sciences, and psychology, and one common faith in the Lord are committed to take a step forward in order to bring a change in our community. Our desire to see that change comes from the fact that each member of our team received guidance and support and education that has transformed our lives and is what lead us to create: “Volunteers in Action for Haiti” (VAH) which flourishes the ideas to reach children and young adults to Christ and ameliorate the critical situations of children and young people in Cap-Haitian and the surrounding areas in Haiti.

II. The concern persons for the action plan

The involved persons in this action plan are firstly, the members of VAH (Volunteer in Action for) Haiti), and our partners. We plan to support vulnerable children in some areas like: Cap-Haitian, Port-au-Prince, and expand our help throughout the country where it is logistically and financially possible. The action plan also concerns all the young Christians around the world who share the vision and desire to bring a change in the world.

The needs of the unfortunate children and young people elaborated by the action plan

The needs and resources are just for the unfortunate children in difficulty.

1. To some basic needs like a shelter for homeless children in our community, and to give them food, drink and clothing etc.

2. To teach the gospel and had out bible materials, as bibles, gospel song books etc.

3. To help them to go to school, and to know have bigger dream (that they are possible).

4. Open a recreation center where they can safely come to enjoy themselves by playing soccer, basketball, tennis, and bible study etc.

For the youth group, the needs will be covering some specific things like:

1. Support them by training them to be motivated and engaged in their community’s life.

2. Bible study.

3. How to be a good decision maker.

4. Provide activities to help them to develop their leadership skills.

5. Create places where they can increase their expertise by doing volunteer work.

6. Recreation center which will help them to enjoy themselves.