We are encouraged to take action and have documented some short term projects. In fact, for this year of 2015, we have four projects that needed to be implemented for the good of the most needy/vulnerable local children.

1) Short Term Project:

1. Reach 100 children to Jesus Christ.

2. Help bettering the lives of 70 Haitian children by sending them to school. (September 2015)

3. Hello Jesus, good morning Jesus to vulnerable children…. Were we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus.(December 2015).

4. Be able to feed a hundred children in our Sunday meeting (which is mostly a day where we have a chance to share the gospel with the children in their parents and also we pray with them).

5. Training technical skills to 25 young adults at the beginning of August 2015.

 We will also organize trips for these vulnerable children in which they will have access to visit all the historical places in Haiti.

2) Long Term Projects:

a) While we are organizing activities for the children in the community, and by helping them to have a good education and a better life. We hope to create a community center where we will have an actual place to support them. This project is a cornerstone for the organization.

b) Create a Center of the Arts for children which will help them to have a technical profession.

NB: Each of these projects will be presented separately and have their action plan.