Strategic Plan

1. Looking for influential people from all the parts of the community affected by our initiative (e.g., from churches, the school system, and community leaders).

2. Identify people who are directly involved in the problem (homeless kids, parents, schools’ principals, etc.)

3. Identify members of the various ethnic and cultural groups in the community.

4. Get involved young people who are interested in the problem or issues that children are facing in Haiti.

5. Bring together newcomers or young people in the community who are not yet involved.

Application Methods:

The Action plan is to reach people to Jesus Christ, and reducing the amount of homeless and unfortunate children in our community by educating them, creating a recreation center, and supporting them to create a better future.

It also covers the youth group by helping them to be more active in the life of the community in which they live. This plan contains some specifics activities like: Seminars, training, conferences, knowledgeable competition, volunteer work, entrepreneurship etc.

     - To implement this action plan, the members of VAH have a desire to organize several community activities.

     - They will seek expert assistance and guidance when the expertise is needed.